About PULSE 106.9

Pulse 106.9 got its start as Junction 106.5. We hit the air in December of 2021 as the "newer" version of 91.7 The River, a Classic Hits station. Junction played primarilly pop music, although there was some hip-hop and pop rock in the playlist.

At first, I launched Junction to play some of the pop music that the other pop radio stations in my area have forgotten about. While the playlist was pretty limited compared to my other stations, I liked what was in the playlist. However, over time, I was getting tired of the playlist, only rarely tuning into the station.

At the beginning of November 2022, I figured it was time for a change. I started to find some 1990's and 2000's house and trance music, built up a folder of some new songs, and relaunched Junction as Pulse 106.9.

With this new setup, Pulse 106.9 went from a neglected station running on Winamp to a station in line with my other music stations. The playout system now uses Mixxx, an open-source DJ application. I use Stereo Tool for processing, and Icecast for streaming to the Internet.

While the playlist is currently pretty small, I hope to get some new dance music in the playlist. If you know of some songs I should be playing, let me know!

Thanks for reading about PULSE 106.9!